Windows Software Development

Desktop applications remain an important to your overall information and business systems. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of in many kinds of commercially shrink-wrapped and internal business Windows applications. We have created software for applications ranging in functionality from automated day trading , invoicing and accounts payable systems and digital image scan management. Esposito Group provides high degree of expertise in Object Oriented, C#, VB.NET, SQL Server, C++ and Visual Basic application development.

Web Application Development

Applications created with a web front end are accessible over internet to the vast market of web users. These include storefronts, business to business applications and other web-deployed services. Web applications have benefit of only requiring end-users to have a web browser to utilize the product. If you have a service or application that you would like to make available over the internet; we can assist with ASP.NET, XML, SOAP, Web Services, Java, ASP and PERL and other web application technologies.

Web Database Publishing

The web is a fantastic source of information. However, many web-sites are weighted down with stagnant content, minimal navigation and search capabilities, and broken links. We offer a high degree of expertise in publishing and maintaining information resources on the World Wide Web. If you have an existing database or information store that you would like to be made available via the Internet; Esposito Group can provide services for its design, implementation, security, end user interface and navigational tools, maintenance, and web-hosting.

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